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Please note:' Although I have returned after a short and unintentional WikiVactation, I am now only on Wikipedia on Tuesdays. Also, note that I have changed my name from El Chico to Tuesday Teen.

This user is a teenager. You can help Wikipedia by finding him a girlfriend.

Note: Tuesday Teen's comments on Wikipedia are a work in progress, subject to the thread-mode disclaimer.

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Welcome, I'm Tuesday Teen, and I'm here to contribute to the Wikipedia.

WikiStress Level[edit]

I don't use traditional WikiStress meters on my user page, instead, I use this nifty Unix command:

wikipedia: time
21:25, 25 Oct 2004 (UTC)
wikipedia: stress
WikiStress Tracker 1.0, © 2004 El Chico Networks
Gathering information…Complete.
The current WikiStress level is: 25%
Details:  I'm ba-ack!

In case it's unclear from that, anything from 16% and under is “Just Fine”, from 26% to 50% is “A Bit Tense”, 51% to 75% is Pretty Stressed, and anything over 75% is “I Quit/Need a Vacation”.

Content I've Submitted[edit]

This section includes major articles I've written, articles I've expanded from stubs, templates that I've created, and images I've uploaded.

Articles Written or Expanded[edit]

Templates Created/Revised[edit]

  1. Template:Sharedip

Images Uploaded[edit]

  1. Image:QuickTime6 MacOSX.png
  2. Image:AppleWorks Word.png
  3. Image:AppleWorks Logo.png

Still To Do[edit]

Some stuff I need to work on…When I finish these, I'll strike them out and list them above.

Articles to Write/Expand[edit]

  1. Center of Science and Industry
  2. Danny Tanner
  3. D.J. Tanner
  4. Stephanie Tanner
  5. Michelle Tanner
  6. Jesse Katsopolis
  7. Joey Gladstone

Other Expansions[edit]

  1. Perry Mason

Templates to Create/Revise[edit]

See User:El Chico/Sandbox.

Images to Upload[edit]

  1. Better iMac photograph.
  2. Screenshot of AppleWorks word processor