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I'm a Fijian living in Suva, and i've recently discovered that Wikipedia is one of the best ways ever invented to waste time. On 27 February 2005, I made my first edit as a signed-in user to the article about Ratu Josefa Iloilo, Fiji's President, and have since clocked more than 1250 edits as of 21 August 2007.

The majority of my edits have been to articles about my homeland, many of which I found contained factual errors and POV. At least one article turned out to be a work of pure fiction, while another article misidentified a respected former Vice-President of Fiji as a morally dubious individual who shares his name.

I have also made the occasional contribution to articles about non-Fijian topics, mostly related to history and politics.

My primary role here has been as sub-editor for David Cannon's great work on Fiji related topics.