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Me, Myself & I[edit]

Just graduated in medicine and unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Recently returned from China. Went on elective to South Africa, Syria, Lebanon and India. Loved holidaying in Andalusia, thoroughly enjoyed Iran and was mesmerised by Istanbul. Next stop Mars, or Fez if budget constraints arise.

Why Leo Africanus?[edit]

Read Leo the African by Amin Maalouf and was inspired.


Mughal India, the art of espresso making, cricket, travelling, languages (Kutchi, Arabic (especially Arabic grammar), Farsi, Urdu, Gujarati), reading (give me a book by William Dalrymple any time), Shi'a Islam, oh and Wikipedia.

Articles I've started or contributed to[edit]

Favourite Websites[edit]

[Coffee Geek] [Moorish Girl] [Rickshaw Blog] [Muslims under progress] [Avari-Nameh] [Ibn Battutah: the Muslim travel blog]