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Welcome to my English homepage[edit]

Hello, everyone. My name is Paul Klenk, and I live in New York City. I have a home page on the 15 largest non-English wikis. To tour them, use the menu above, and follow the arrow from link to link. The menu appears on all pages.

My user name is the same on all of them (except at I am looking forward to making friends from many countries, and one day hope to author an article and see it translated into many languages.

Original articles[edit]

Babel Barnstar for Translation, created by paul klenk on 10/2/05.
This Barnstar is awarded in recognition of your dilligent research and sourcing, as well as your attitude towards handling editorial disputes, on the Free Republic article, by Holdek
I, V. Molotov, hereby give you this Working Man's Barnstar for active participation of Wikipedia's Votes for Deletion.

My most recent and substantive contributions are the articles for:

Creating well-sourced and well-developed articles is a delightful challenge. I hope to continue developing these pages, and look forward to developing my own abilities while doing so.

Nice things people have said about me, taken completely out of context[edit]

  • Thanks for that! A bit of Yiddish always brightens my day! -- RMoloney
  • you clearly have a strong sense of injustice & a desire to help the oppressed. Derex
  • You can be my second model of how to be a better wikipedian, but only behind Kate. -- Hipocrite
  • Yours was one of the most insightful letters I've ever seen on my talk page -- Lucky 6.9
  • I agree with everything you said. I'm a relative newcomer -- Willmcw
  • i agree with your response to about the comma -- Derex
  • You must have done something good. -- Dmcdevit
  • Nice handling of the Rove/Plame issues. -- android79
  • I am so relieved you're online -- Lucky 6.9
  • I, V. Molotov, hereby give you this Working Man's Barnstar -- V. Molotov
  • What a way to spend an evening! Man, I'm bushed. - Lucky 6.9
  • thanks a lot for adding a positive atmosphere to the political pages, I really do appreciate your efforts -- kizzle
  • [Chortling out loud.] What a rockin' award. Thank you very much. -- Bishonen
  • I got a marketing degree at Bradley University, based in Peoria. -- Barrettmagic
  • I've been watching your actions for a long long time my friend and think that with the proper grooming you could become an useful ally in my Crusade. -- TheDeletator
  • Tēnā rawa atu koe mō tō whakamahi i ngā reo rerekē o te ao, ahakoa tō iti mōhio ki ētahi o aua reo! Kia kaha! Good on you for using all those languages, even if you are only a beginner in some of them. Keep up the good work! -- Copey 2

My Special Message Page[edit]

I can't speak in bumper stickers. So to avoid explaining myself at length on talk pages, I am compiling some of my opinions and philosophies on a Special Message Page, where I can direct fellow editors from time to time for a "stock message."

Not-so-nice things people have said about me, taken completely out of context[edit]

  • you seem like a liberal at heart to me -- Derex, directly following comment above
  • You have been blocked for 12 hours for making personal attacks. You have been temporarily blocked from editing for vandalism of Wikipedia. You have been blocked for adding erroneous sock puppets on pages of users that obviously not socks -- various users