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This is the User Page for Mark Richards. As penance for being outspoken and irritating, I am prepared to undertake almost any unpleasant and menial task that is requested of me. ;)

Pages that I believe could do with some attention[edit]

I could do with some help on Trust, specifically on the links I made while disambiguating - here: [1] Thanks!


Reference desk, tables, boilerplates, IRC, search, spell.

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Delete Junkie
I don't remember the good old days
before this Wiki could delete.
Pardon me while I enter the frays
revealing my repressive streak.
I'm a DeleteJunkie;
I delete more than I write.
I'm your topic police
squad of one tonight.
If your HomePage is too short,
or your argument too long,
if your humor too thin,
or you ripped too much bong.
I'm a DeleteJunkie;
I get community spirit
taking down poetry too
'cause I don't want to hear it.
I'm a DeleteJunkie
I know where you live,
get my kicks with a click,
and I don't want you to give.
And I can't learn
So I just burn
Your low spiels
Defying high ideals
I'm a DeleteJunkie,
what you create I delete.
You can't avoid my key,
as it makes me feel complete.
If you don't take the hint,
and foolishly restore.
My eyes shine with a glint,
as I delete it once more.

-- TheGhostsOfPagesPast

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